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Vijay's Residence

Built up area: area: 3800 Sq Ft

Location: Tirupur

Year of completion: 2009

This majestic house built on the family's farmland has a built-up area of a humble 3800 square feet. The architecture of the house is a fusion of Mediterranean and country-house architecture with bright terracotta roof tiles. The house sports an 8' veranda on the north and east sides overlooking eleven acre farmland. The houses feature a double-height ceiling in the foyer, a high-ceiling drawing room, an internal garden and balconies overlooking the lush farmland. 

Col Prabhakar's Residence

Built up area: area: 4800 Sq Ft

Location: Kothanur, Bangalore

Year of completion: 2013

This house is designed in a contemporary architectural style and is a load bearing structure built with 'stabilised compressed mud blocks' masonry. The masonry of this house is sustainable in nature, the 'stabilised compressed mud blocks' comprises 60% soil dug from the foundation, 40% sand and only 8% to 9% cement. These mud blocks are not burnt; therefore the soil in the blocks sustains its fertile qualities. The roof is built using filler slab and jack arch methods. The elevation of the house was derived from the layout and masonry detailing, no additional design or material elements were added to embellish the elevation. The big lush garden around the house contrasts and compliments the earthy mud blocks.

Terance Francis

Built up area: area: 4400 Sq Ft

Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Year of completion: 2019

This house is a fitting example of a contemporary urban dwelling with a built-up area of 4400 Sq Ft (408 Sq Mt) built in a very small plot of little over 1000 Sq Ft (100 Sq Mt). The layout of this house is very unique and interesting with a duplex portion in the second floor and third floor connected to the ground floor via a internal private lift bypassing two studio accommodation in the first floor with all the portions connected via a common staircase. Despite being trapped closely between two narrow and tall buildings the house is designed with sufficient openings allowing the day light to flow into the house. The selective placement of clearstory windows provides uninterrupted natural light throughout the day.