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Services Offered

Architectural Design and Consultancy service
Interior Designing and Consultancy service
Structural Design
As part of allied services from our partner consultants: MEP, HVAC and Fire Safety

Scope of work:

1. Pre-design phase Architecture:

2. Design and Documentation Services; consists of further design development drawings and Construction Documents culminating in the following (as applicable to the project):

• Architectural Drawings:

• Interior Design Drawings as part of architectural service (Furniture, Art and Accessories is NOT included):

• Interior Designing:

Associated services provided through professional business partners: (Civil and Structural design, MEP and Fire safety Design)

• Civil Engineering Drawings (by Civil Engineer under separate contract); Topographic and Tree Survey, plus Geotechnical Testing (Soils) will need to be performed prior to commencement of their work.

• Structural Engineering Drawings:

• MEP Engineering Drawings (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing):

3. Construction Administration Services:


• Architectural Cover Sheet (Project Data, Maps, Notes, etc.)

• Architectural Site Plan and Details

• Architectural Floor Plan (Dimensioned with notes, wall types, key notes, etc.)

• Door Types, Door & Hardware Schedules, Interior Door and Window Details, etc.

• Exterior Door and Window Details

• Roof Plan and Details

• Building Sections

• Walls Sections

• Building Elevations

• Interior Elevations (Cabinet and Room)

• Millwork Details

• Reflected Ceiling Plan and Details

• Equipment Plan and Notes

• Project Manual/Specifications Book

• Foundation Plan (with Details and Notes)

• Framing Plans (Details, Roof and Special Conditions)

• Mechanical Plan (HVAC with Equipment Schedules and Details)

• Electrical Plans (Power, Lighting, Fixture Schedules, and Details)

• Plumbing Plans (Wastewater, Venting, Domestic Water, Air, Vacuum and Medical Gases); also, Plumbing Riser Diagrams with Plumbing Notes and Schedules.

• Floor Finish Plan and Finish Schedule

• Wall Finish Plan

• Furniture layout

• Furniture detail and working drawing

• Design for soft furnishing

• Art and Accessories

• Preparation of BOQ (Bill of quantities)

• Bidding Coordination

• Permitting Coordination (via liaison agents)

• Execution of Construction Contract (with selected General Contractor)

• Initial Site Visit/Pre-Construction Conference followed by Site Visits as per contract and based on completion of work to be observed (in long distance projects, some of this work may be done thru local professionals).

• Processing of submittals, shop drawings, change orders, and fielding questions during Construction.

• Monthly review of progress.

• Bill certification.

• Certificate of Completion at end of construction. Final payment and release of liens.


Project durations can vary, but generally free-standing buildings take 3+ months for Design and Documentation (including Permitting) and Construction takes approximately 10+ months Therefore, new buildings should ideally have ~13+ months (and sometimes more) for the entire process. These are estimates based on past projects; individual project timelines may vary due to workload, client decision-making, municipality requirements, etc.

• Project Goals

• Site Selection

• Site Analysis

• Title Search

• Zoning Analysis

• Programming

• Budgeting

• Pro Forma

• Project Team Selection

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